600 Days of Pandemic Hobby

I hit 600 days* of lockdown last week, so I decided to put everything I painted during that time out on the table.

This isn’t quite 1 model/day, but it’s very, very close to it… and there are some chunky guys in there, so I feel like it counts. 2 AoS armies (3 if you count the Skaven I painted for Saga), 1 40K, Bushido, AT, Malifaux, at least 1 300 point Infinity list, 3 AI armies, an unreasonable amount of BFG, 2-3 Necromunda gangs, and a Heavy Gear army. So much stuff!

I’ll note, because I have to say it somewhere (and nobody reads this thing anyway): I do think it’s pretty nuts that people are doing Historicon this year. Me telling someone that I think they’re crazy isn’t going to accomplish anything but here, in this void: yikes. That’s cuckoo bananas.

* There some brief moments of starting to re-engage before delta hit.