Flinging Poo

Managed to wrap up a Plagueclaw Catapult last night.

This kit is simultaneously GW’s most ingenious kit and most frustrating.  That you can make both a cannon or a catapult out of it (or, if you’re Squeek Vermintide, both at the same time) is really impressive.  That you can make either in so many different combinations is brilliant.

But, holy crap, do I hate putting together this kit.  Last time, I really learned that you do not mess around with the sprues: don’t start clipping until you’re ready to start assembling and don’t start assembling it until it’s painted!  (The need to paint then assemble is something that really frustrates me.)  Also, painting all of those little metal bits can get pretty tedious.

Anyway, it’s together, painted, done.  Took me the bulk of the weekend to do, but I really needed to stay focused to have it ready in time for Blob’s.

I can’t stand seeing this kit with a giant piece of warpstone as the counterbalance.  It just doesn’t make any sense!  So, instead the rock’s painted like… rock.

I’m pretty pleased with how the ammunition came out: like a ball of really unhealthy poo, people parts and dead rats.

Also, in other news: USPS wildly overestimated how long it would take for those bitz to make it out… they showed up today!  The conversion’s done, so I’ll have all afternoon tomorrow and Friday to paint it up!