Skaven Display Board Planning

I’ve decided not to do Armies on Parade with my Daemons.  It’d be nice to do, and I think they’d do well… but I can’t bring myself to build a second display board for them.  I mean, blah.

While waiting on some wash on the Furnace to dry, I broke out the graph paper and started sketching out the plan for the Skaven board that I do need to build.

That’s the penciled, rough layout.  The board’s 2’x2′ (maybe if this stuff is done time for Armies on Parade, I’ll enter my Skaven). 

I’ll be planning to mount this to the same breakfast tray I use with my Daemon board, which means I need to account for where I’m going to bolt the board to the tray.  That’s what those nipple-looking things are: where I’ll drill through the board and then disguise it somehow.

Planning to have a tiered hill fill the back left quarter or so.  I’ll try to make it look natural, while making sure I’ve got 5″-6″ on each tier (so I can fit a ranked unit on it).  The back right will have a few stalagmites and a river will run down the right side.  Characters (who aren’t surfing on a Plague Furnace) will be gathered around a block of warpstone or a well (like this) or something.  Alternatively, I could scoot everything forward and build a neat looking, rickety bell tower I’ve been noodling over (using the Warp-Lightning Cannon frame and a left over Screaming Bell bell) in the middle.

Here’s the plan, with details inked in.  The shape of the tray’s in red.