Painting Progress – 20090526

Thanks to the long weekend, I got a lot done. War of the Ring is going to be a slow slog, I think, but from this point out I think I’m going to start painting minis for it a company at a time, as opposed to half a company at a time. That might make the undertaking a little more tedious, but it should speed it up a bit. We’ll see.

I’ve finished a number of Epic Heroes: Dalamyr, a Nazgul and Suladan (the older model, who’s likely to stand in as Amdur at some point down the line).

I also finished a second company of Haradrim Archers. This puts me at four companies of Haradrim, total, so I thought I’d celebrate by taking pictures of them (plus a piece of test terrain):

I’ve also started painting some Corsairs of Umbar, just to do something a little different. I’m not going to need them for several weeks (whereas I’m using Haradrim in the league right now, but they’ll go in eventually).