Boobthirster – Greater Daemon of Khorne

I started in on the Bloodthirsters yesterday.

I’ve never really been fond of the Bloodthirster model.  It’s dated.   It’s metal.  It’s kind of ugly.  In the planning stage for this army, I’d decided I was going to use ForgeWorld Daemon Prince model… but at Games Day they were basically giving away the metal ‘Thirster models for $10 a pop.  So, classic model it was.
Now that I’ve started painting them…. I’m starting to wish I’d stuck with the original plan.
For one, I hate metal.  It’s less cooperative and more fragile than plastic.  Plus, with the enormous wings it’s extremely top heavy.  
More significantly, the sculpt is kind of wretched.  I realized this while highlighting the flesh.  

For starters, the musculature is pretty crazy.  Like, Liefield-crazy.
Muscles and tendons aren’t quite where they should be.  I can’t tell if things are bulging veins or gills or what.
Ultimately, though: the boobs.

I had the following conversation last night:

Me: “I don’t know that I want to highlight these pecs.  They’re big… but I think that highlighting them makes them look more like boobs.

Mrs. Rushputin: “No it doesn’t.  They’re boobs.”

Me: “They’re supposed to be enormous, masculine pecs.”

Mrs. Rushputin: “Well, they look like boobs.”

Me: “Yeah, I suppose they do.”

They are pretty huge man-boobs.  It’s been better endowed by the breast fairy than the Keeper of Secrets

I’m forging ahead regardless, though.  I’ll have a more detailed status update later on.