Finally finished that large batch of Plague Monks I’ve been stuck on for a few weeks, now.  Lesson learned (well, confirmed): smaller batches = faster accomplishment = more motivation = more done.

Eleven to go.  They’ll wait a bit for me to knock out some other things.  I need to knock out some smaller, lower-hanging fruit before I get tangled up in these again.
Here’s where I am on my plan:
I’ve started on my turn counter, and am making tracks.  If I have the chance to paint tomorrow (and I should), it’s quite possible that I’ll finish it.  In the mean time, since I’m posting, here are some WIP pictures.

I’ve gotten color scheme info from Mike: I’m taking a few liberties with his process to make them fit with my style, but not many.  I’m really happy with the face of this poor bastard:
Other’n that: 
  • I’m running a tournament at GPC tomorrow (that I should have advertised here, but it filled up so quickly… there was no need).  It’s ostensibly a NoVA Open prep for the handful of us that are going to play Fantasy.  Hope it’ll be fun, but it definitely makes me want to run a looser, goofier tournament some time soon.
  • Storm of Magic came out: I’m super-stoked to play it.  I desperately want this thing to catch on so I can convert up a bunch of silly Skaven crap.  Say one thing about me, say that I like to convert up silly Skaven crap.