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Flames of War – Great War Progress


On my way out the door to a conference, I snapped a quick status shot of the Great War Germans I’ve been working on.

I’d gotten stopped up a little bit, as I took on too large of a batch at once (and not helped by including the 7.62cm Krupp IGs in the batch), but finally managed to squeeze it out. Now, I’m back on track painting up infantry platoons, which move along very, very quickly. Especially given that I’ve gotten pretty good about moving on to the next step on the next batch while wash is drying on my current batch means that when [Current Batch] is just about done, [Current Batch+1] is halfway done.

Anyway: wrapping up my third Infanterie platoon, making tracks on my first Stoss platoon. Those’ll be a little different, since I’ll be painting their helments with buntfarbenanstrich to help distinguish them from the regular infantry bases. We’ll see how much of a pain in the ass that’ll be, but overall: the Stosstruppen should paint up very, very quickly. Then it’s some A7Vs and horse-drawn limbers and I’m 100% painted with all of them.

It’s been hugely inspiring to just bang these out: inspiring enough to motivate me to pick up some of the new FoW Pacific USMC. Not a lot, but a non-zero amount.

Workbench Snapshot(s)

I’ve been quiet around these parts, but not inactive.

2016-05-03 07.13.16

I’m still a little high on painting vehicles.  That LVTA(1) has been hanging around since Historicon, and the M3 since the Historicon before that one (the final unpainted model in my USMC starter).  The Sherman’s more recent. They’re ready for weathering, in need of some touch-up thanks to sloppy stenciling, and in need of painting respectively.

2016-05-03 07.12.26

2016-05-03 07.12.59

There’s a Flames of War – Great War tournament at Huzzah in July, which I’m using as motivation to finally get around to painting all of the Germans I have for it. They’re trucking along: the first platoon was done back in December, as a palate cleanser while grinding out slightly larger figures for Amiens, but the second platoon was knocked out over the weekend along with substantial progress on a bunch of weapon teams.

If I can keep this pace up, I might have everything done by early June (and not just the bases I need for July)… but that might just be me getting cocky: painting 10 bases in a day and a half doesn’t mean the next 60 will fly by in no time.

2016-05-03 07.11.46

Finally, I’m almost done getting a company of Red Devils assembled for the Market Garden game we’re eyeballing in September.  I’m 7 Riflemen short, plus whatever I need to do for an Engineer squad.  These should get painted quickly, I think.