Quiet but Busy / Quietly Busy

I’ve had some dry spells ’round these parts, but this one takes the cake: one and a half months is a bit long to run silent.

I haven’t been idle, though: through September and October, I was pretty much as productive as I’ve ever been in terms of model assembly.

Since my last post, I’ve built:

  • 23 Mantic Ax Orcs
  • 1 Ork Warboss
  • 42 Ork Boyz
  • 3 Ork Nobz
  • 3 Ork Killa Kanz
  • 9 Ork Warbikes (but not riders… yet)
  • 20 Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultists
  • 3 Dark Vengeance Ravenwing Bikers
  • and a Warlord on a Brood Horror
For comparison: 
That’s nothing to sniff at.
Of course, pictures of unpainted, unconverted models are boring, and of no interest to anyone… which is (more than anything else) probably why things have been so quiet around here.
I’ve still got a few more things to assemble: the Warbike riders, a Dakkajet (and I expect, by the time the dust clears, a second Dakkajet and a handful of Warbuggies), but I’m holding off until I’ve gotten some stuff painted (hence the half-painted Orks in the middle there).  
Project-wise, I’m clearly trying to bang out a 40K Ork army.  I feel like they’ve done okay by the 6E changes, and have fit my playstyle pretty well.  I’m looking forward to getting a backbone of models in place and done, which will then allow me to focus on stupid conversions.
I’m also working on trying to assemble these dang Mantic Orcs.  I’m not het up to play Fantasy right now (now that NoVA’s in the rearview, I can focus on 40K), but I’ve got them and should do something with them.  I’m so disappointed with the models themselves, I’ve decided to try and see if I can speed-paint them, primarily with the airbrush.  When I get to them, I’ll be shooting for tabletop quality and no more.
Hopefully, I’ll have some painted models to post about sooner rather than later. (And, in doing so, avoid a dry spell like this last one!).