Alpha Strike Mech Silhouettes

So back a few weeks ago, when I played Alpha Strike with Dave, I learned that Alpha Strike has an optional rule that is, effectively, Infinity’s Silhouette rules, wherein every model of a particular type has a specified volume which can be substituted for the actual model. This offsets the tendency of models that are intended to be about the same size but often have wildly different poses and shapes, which can make Line of Sight… strange.

I think these rules, particularly Infinity’s implementation of them (of course), are Necessary and Very Good.

Alpha Strike doesn’t have a specific Silhouette stat per se, but if we look at the table:

Practical Line of Sight Size Table – Alpha Strike Commander’s Edition pg 171

That table reduces down to 5 categories:

01″x1″ ProtoMechs (All)
11″x1.25″Infantry (All)
Combat Vehicles (1-4)
Support Vehicles (1-3)
22″x 1.25″BattleMechs (1-4)
33″x1.5″Superheavy ‘Mechs (4+LG)
4“It’s complicated”Support Vehicles (4+)

So, of course, I doodled up some S markers for these.

I’m not deep into Battletech, and Catalyst isn’t making Protomechs in plastic, so I’m not going to worry about them (that’s why I started numbering at 0). Support Vehicles 4+ defy a simple shape (seriously, there’s a 15 item table with footnotes to cover them and there’s “use model” in the main table), so I’m not worrying about them.

Honestly, S1 and S2 are probably the only ones I’d ever see on the table, but it’s convenient for me to have the S3.

S1 and S2 are magnetized, so they can snap together, and they fit comfortably inside of the S3. I can just tuck them in or I can set the S2 on an A-Case tray, the S1 on top of it, and the S3 on top of them both, and they should be reliably stay where I’m asking them to: even though the S3 isn’t sticking to the tray, it’d have to slide up the 2″ length of the S2 to fall off and in the meantime is holding the S1 in place.

Printed these at .2mm layer height with organic supports. I ironed the topmost layer, but I suspect that made the text less legible. If you use supports, I recommend a support blocker covering the magnet holes on S1 and S2; support material isn’t needed for a 6mm gap and goes a long way towards making those magnets maybe probably not fit properly. Use 6mm x 3mm magnets.

I’ve put these up on Cults for the nuisance fee of $1.