More Paint-Matching LIES

I should be building Dark Angels lists, but instead I’m painting Wolf Rats. Not that I’m complaining. Skaven make me happy.

Anyway: I paint my Skaven thusly:

  • GW Dark Flesh basecoat
  • GW Bronzed Flesh layer
  • GW Elf Flesh highlights
  • GW Devlan Mud wash. 

(Or, I would use GW Bronzed Flesh if it hadn’t been discontinued, like half a decade ago.  It’s cool, though: VMC’s Dark Flesh is a solid substitute that actually handles better than the GW version.  It also looks like Ungor Flesh might be a good replacement; I’m planning to check it out when I run out of the VMC stuff.)

It’s not the only one, though: the other paints are gone now, though, too.  Doombull Brown is a solid Dark Flesh substitute and Agrax Earthshade (as everyone knows by now) is different but close enough for Devlan Mud.

Kislev Flesh is supposed to fill in for Elf Flesh. And, for peopleflesh it’s actually totally delivered.  For ratflesh, though: ugh it’s totally failing me.  It’s darker than the color it’s supposed to be highlighting!  Jeez!

Good thing I still have a pot of Elf Flesh; certainly enough to get me through this job. I’m going to have to track down the VMC/VGC/P3 stand-in, though.