Wednesday Workbench

Messy Desk

It’s been a bit, but not quite as long as it feels like.  Things might have been quiet here, but not that quite here, ifyouknowwhatI’msayingandIcan’timaginehowyoucould.

Ghost Romans

Looks like the last time I checked in, I’d gotten the ball rolling on my Ghost Romans.  They’re done, now.  I’ll talk about them more after I’ve gotten them into the lightbox, but suffice to say: they painted quickly.

Those things they’re in is an attempt on my part to get a better feel for both transporting them and getting more use out of the Mantic Battlefoam cases I got from the Deadzone Kickstarter.  You know those plastic VHS-sized clamshells Mantic packages (packaged?) their minis in? The Battlefoam cases are sized to hold two of those next to each other.  Using them to sandwich minis between foam sheets seems… inefficient.  What I’m trying here is using magnetic sheeting from Wargame Accessories, which is pretty strong (stronger than the magnetic business cards I normally use) on one side, setting the minis in as I would with a plastic tray, and then setting foam across the top.

I like keeping minis in plastic trays with magnetic cards because it takes up way less room and is easier to pack/unpack… but if you drop it, you’re screwed.  The thought here is that the magnet sheet is stronger, and the minis don’t have anywhere to go to bounce around and break.  There’s foam above them, and the clamshells go into the case, which also has some padding.  We’ll see.


You can fit kind of a lot of minis in them, if you want.  That’s 6 points of Anglo-Danes, there.

War Altar of Stromfels

Finally, the Imp of the Perverse drove me to dig up this half-done conversion and do some more work on it: this is my War Altar of Stromfels, one of the reasons my Empire army stalled (when I got the inspiration to do this, I no longer wanted to do a Nordland/Cult of Manaan-themed Empire army, I wanted to do a heretical Cult of Stromfels army).  More travel’s on the horizon, so I doubt I’ll finish it any time soon.