Ecumenical Khorne

Something I’ve been eyeballing for a bit is making my Khornate Daemons list… less Khorne and more competitive.
The monogod thing is fun, but it really is a bit of a paper-rock-scissors list where it generally does pretty well or pretty poorly.  I can’t even play against Tyranids, for example.  While I’m okay with that, I expect it will get old after a bit.  I really like my paint scheme, though, and I like screaming “Khornination!” and such… so as I pull in non-Khorne units, I’m going to try very hard to Khornify them while retaining the themes that will make what the models count-as clear.
Over the next week of so will see something of a stream-of-consciousness, thinking out loud thing.  Mostly documenting where I’m looking to go with this.  I think I have a clear idea of what I want, even if I have trouble articulating it.
Feedback is more than welcome!