Painting Progress – 20100209

Made a bit of progress with the second Soul Grinder over the past few days, but not nearly as much as I’d have liked.  I think I went to bed Sunday thinking that I’d be able to power through it and have it mostly done by Monday night but… that hasn’t happened.  

I’m still doing the final highlight on the skin and, not only that, I’m fairly displeased with the results.  That second wash has come out splotchy and uneven; I find I’ve had to keep going back to different spots to knock it back to pre-wash.  I’d mixed up a bottle of the wash, and I’m thinking I got a ratio off.
Threw some primer on the two Bloodthirsters and Karanak, since they’re what I’ll be working on when I’m done with these dang ‘Grinders.
In anticipation of being snowed in for the bulk of the week, we braved the roads to get out to Game Parlor and pick up some more Devlan Mud.  While out, I also grabbed a box of the new minotaurs, with the thought of using them as Daemon Princes.  The Battle for the Cure will have a rule that benefits those who don’t take vehicles.  Given that I need to bulk up the list to 2,000 points anyway, I figured it was worth looking into.
I’m pretty happy with the models.  There was a lot of complaining on OGO about them: I think all that boils down to a paint job that, while I think was fine, wasn’t what most people wanted.  The models themselves are pretty cool looking: REALLY ANGRY BULL PEOPLE, which will work fine as DPs.  No conversion involved here, but I’m okay with that.  They’ll have the Mark of Khorne and will be geared for stabbification.
Given that the tournament at Madicon looks like it isn’t going to be (which is a shame, because I’d have been happy to take care of it for them), plus the addition of three Daemon Princes that I need to have done by the following week, I’ve shifted the goal a bit.  I’m adding the three DPs and shifting everything it back a week, to 3/19.  The new chart: