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OPINION TIME! (Second time)

I’m waffling about what specific style of resin bases to use for my Tau 2.0 army.  I think I’ve made my mind up, but I’m at that stage where I’d like some external input/opinions before placing an order.


My previous Tau army had been based thusly:

Fire Warrior 1


The army will be painted with the same palette , more or less. Bright turquoise.

What I envision is is something that would pair well with the basing scheme I use with my Orks. Obviously not the same (since I’d just base with ballast and cork), but similar. 


I need the ability to build up terrain to hide flyer flight stands.

So: I’m looking for badlands-y terrain that’ll look good in brownish/orangish/reddish tones. Ground/terrain is a must, ruins are secondary.

Also; looking at what I’m looking at might help paint the picture in my head.

What I’m looking at:

  • DragonForge Broken Wasteland – Good visual variety, and mostly terrain. I’d like some artificial stuff on there, but it’s not the end of the world.  Not exactly in love with the pattern/distribution of the cracked earth, though.
  • DragonForge Lost Empires – I love the hexes. It’s one of Jeff’s most complete ranges. However: I’m pretty sure this range was made for Tau, and I’d like to be a little unique. It’s also way too heavy on the tiles. I need something 80% terrain 20% man- (Tau-?) made; not the other way around.
  • Secret Weapon Ancient Sands – Basically the same as the DF Broken Wasteland, but I like the cracked earth patterns more, and I think the dirt/cracked earth relationship is more realistic. I hate the stones, though.
  • Secret Weapon Desert Basin – Isn’t bad, and is definitely on the right track… but I can’t help but feel like I’d get close-enough results from saving the money and just doing myself. Ditto their Desert Mesa and Desert Wasteland line.  And, if that’s the case, what’s the point?
  • could just do them myself. Base them basically the same way I’m doing the Orks. That’s an option, but I’d like to drop these models onto some sharp looking bases.

Well, what do folks think?  Are there any lines that sort of fit what I’m looking for that I should know about?

Don’t enable Google+ Commenting


Google’s made it so you can use Google+ to handle your comments on Blogger.

Except, whoops, when you do that ONLY people with Google+ accounts can comment on your blog. So, enabling that feature locks out anyone who doesn’t want to use Google+.

So, don’t do that.

Until, of course, they make it mandatory.

(Very glad I shifted to WordPress.)

Wednesday Workbench

1-2013-04-09 20.33.42

No real surprises here. The Librarian is actually done, save for some airbrushing on the weapon (that I probably should have done before painting everything else). Ditto with Sammael.

Getting the kit out is pretty likely today, I think/hope, so I might actually put these dudes in my rear-view.

I found a bunch of un-eBay’d Circle Orboros stuff over the weekend, including a nearly-complete Kromac the Ravenous of which I’m quite proud. I hope to wrap him up and, probably, put him up on eBay. Daddy’s gotta buy more Tau, after all.

Wednesday Workbench

20130403 - Wednesday Workbench

Knocked out the Rats for the Cure mini over the weekend, of course, but everything else has been… stalled. I just need to focus and wrap up that Librarian. Then, 15 minutes with the airbrush and I’ll be done with Sammael (who will only have taken me two months).