Battlefoam! W00t!

Came home to a pretty large box: my Battlefoam came in the mail!

Originally, I’d been looking at shoving all of my Daemons into foam… but Casey was able to convince me that that was wasteful.  I’ve got a great transport solution for everything except for the Soul Grinders and Bloodthirsters… why spend several hundred dollars to fix what ain’t broke when I could focus on what is?

So, I e-mailed Battle foam the shapes and asked them if they thought fitting everything into a single tray would be feasible.  After a bit (Origins happened shortly after my e-mail), they responded that three of the four shapes would definitely work… but that they wouldn’t know if they could do all four without actually trying to do it.

I took the hint and decided it was my best chance, anyway.  After a bit of fiddling, they got back to me: success!  All four fit!

I might snag a PACK Plus to shove this thing in when they’re released.  We’ll see.