Ratwyrm! Finished! Tremble, man-things!

I’ve been working on this guy forever.  Like, for over two years. (No exaggeration!)

I started in on the conversion several moths before the new Skaven book came out.  Originally, it was supposed to be a Screaming Bell.  Then, it sat around six months, waiting for me to crack open a Plague Furnace so I could stick the Grey Seer on it.  And, after that, it sat around another year and a half before I did anything else with it.

From Day One, I’d meant to take the Bell Ringer from the last Screaming Bell and have him, hanging by a chain, swinging from the side of the Dragon.  Then, at the last minute, I decided it’d be too dang much trouble.

(From Stuff of Legends, used w/o permission.)

As I said, he started out as a Screaming Bell.  With the new book, I considered rebasing it onto a wider, Bell / Abomination base (since I can always run him as an Abomination), but it was sure too be too much trouble; that bell’s metal and needs the pin for support (and that thing was an enormous pain.  Besides: I’ve never really run the Bell: I ran him as a dragon in last years’ Dragon Wars; this years’ tournament was the motivator for painting him up.  He’s spent most of his life as a dragon, so on a dragon base he’ll stay.

On with the photodump!  (It’s kind of a hassle that it’s as large as it is: it’s tough to photograph the whole thing.)

What’s awesome is that, as I’m writing this up, I’ve spotted a few things I missed and need to clean up (painting the pin black, washing the wires on the bell).  

Anyway, here’s the finished product.  As it turns out, I’m very unhappy about a number of things about it.  I’m going to throw this up here, fishing for praise, and then on Thursday point out what’s lousy about it and any of that praise is misplaced. :)