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Magnet Cheat Sheet

I’ve got a tub of magnets. They’re random, from God only knows where. I don’t know their sizes, strengths, or what to do if I need more of a particular kind.

So, a couple of years ago, I broke out the calipers, did some planning and (most importantly) took notes. Now, I keep these magnets in a tacklebox, separated and labeled, with appropriately wide drill bits.

All of these are sourced from Amazing Magnets. you can probably get the same sizes from other vendors like K&J Magnetics, but I vastly prefer AM because they list sizes in both metric and, where they list Imperial sizes they use decimals instead of fractions. So: these are the AM item codes.

(Let me take a moment to express the hate I feel for defaulting to fractional Imperial measurements for this shit. Fuck off with this 1/32″ shit.)

If it’s useful, here’s my chart:

R094-0942.38mm2.38mmSmall plastic bases
D032A-N523.18mm0.79mmWarmaster bases
D094A13.97mm2.38mmGW Bases
  D063A13.97mm0.97mmPadding for D094A1
  D032A13.97mm1.59mmPadding for D094A1
D063A2-N454.76mm1.59mmInfinity bases

I also have some magnets that are perfect for the hole in Necromunda bases, but somehow I failed to correctly note them. My notes say “D063A” but that’s not right: those are 3.18mm wide but the magnets I have are 2.9mm wide.

Small, light minis will get R094-094s. Most of my minis get D094A1s, which are just the right depth for GW bases, and I supplement them with D063A1s (which are ~1mm deep) and D032A1s (which are ~1.5mm deep) to help get the needed depth if ~2.4mm isn’t deep enough.

Blogger, I just don’t know

For some reason, I thought I’d deleted my Blogger blogs back when Google perfidiously killed Reader and it became clear that they weren’t not going to be evil any more and should not be relied on any more than absolutely necessary.

Must not have, because I got this last week

The post in question?


I guess I need to just delete the dang thing.

It Came from the Lightbox: Masters of the Universe

I’m basing my approaches off of Garfy‘s approaches, which has actually been a great experience. I haven’t followed him step-for-step, but I stuck closely enough that I used a lot of colors I don’t normally reach for, and used his mid->Contrast->layers->highlight approach which was new for me. I’m extremely pleased with the results and am making tracks on the Evil Warriors.