Marker Drones

11-2013-08-03 12.42.38


So, I did a bunch of Marker Drones.

I’m digging on the idea of a Commander with some Marker Drones hooking up with a squad of Marker Drones for some BS 5 laser-pointing.  So, here’s 6.

04-2013-08-03 12.39.37

They were a simple conversion: the base Drone bits + XV8 heads.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  Really, the beauty of the Tau army is that you really can almost get away with just gluing whatever to whatever.

03-2013-08-03 12.39.11


I’m planning on doing a lot more flavor text on the models in this army.  With the drones, I checked out this font, and numbered them all MD01 through MD06. Because everything in this army tends to run in 6’s (well, 3’s, 6’s, and 12’s; just like my Khorne army’s all 2’s, 4’s, 8’s, and 16’s), I’m probably going to make all my numbering base-6 (so the next Marker Drone will be MD10).  Gun Drones and Shield Drones will be GD01 and SD01 respectively. Not sure what I’ll do for Missile Drones.

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01-2013-08-03 12.37.37


Since I broke out the lightbox, I figured I’d shove the test Fire Warrior into it, too.

06-2013-08-03 12.40.22

05-2013-08-03 12.40.09