Ecumenical Khorne – Nurgle

Themes: slow, resilient, hard to kill, poisonous.  So, a successful result should look like a Khornate daemon that’s hard to kill.  “Poisonous” might be hard to do while feeling Khorne-y.
Plaguebearers are a must.  They specifically address a significant weakness in the mono-Khorne list: survivability.  I’m almost certainly going to build these out of Gors/Ungors/Bestigors.  Exactly what kit, I’m still trying to settle on: I like the Ungor heads for this, but like the burlier Gor and armored Bestigor bodies.  (So it’ll likely be Ungor heads on [Besti]Gor bodies.)
Also, in the interests of science: sticking a different head on a Bloodletter body.  I’m planning to use the Bloodletter body with Slaaneshi units, so there’s consistency involved… but I don’t believe I care for the results at all.  It won’t be distinct enough from the Bloodletters, and won’t actually accomplish what I want accomplished.
Finally, there’s always putting a Bloodletter head on a Gor’s body.
In fact, the more I look at it, the more I like the Gor body.  I think the Bestigor body is just… too busy.  Given that they’re ~$4 a pop, I think I’m okay with that.  Also, putting a Gor head on an Ungor doesn’t look too shabby, either.  I can give them all shields, and maybe carve up some Hellblade-lites for them: swords that are thematically similar to Hellblades… but don’t look like they ignore armor saves.  Maybe not.
I also kinda like the ‘Letter head (ha!) on the Gor Body (lower left).  I don’t think I care for it as much as the Ungor head (which I really like), but it would just fit a lot better with the rest of my units.  This will require a lot of thought.
The point is, they should look resilient.  Bloodletters look deadly, but Plaguebearers need to look like they’re hard to kill.
Beasts of Nurgle, I don’t see myself ever being called to run.  If I did, I’d probably just use the GW model: it’s not particularly Khorne-y, but I think it’d look pretty cool with my paint scheme.
Nurglings just ain’t gonna happen.