NOVA Open 2017 Inbound

The NOVA Open is this weekend, and unlike the past two years, I’ve got some pretty clear direction about what I’ll be doing.

It’ll be mostly Infinity, for me, as I take on a load comparable to doing the 40K tournament: 8 games over 3 days.  It’ll be 2 events, though: the Friday Joint Ops 3 game tournament and the Saturday/Sunday Dire States 5 game tournament.

I’m squeezing in a couple of seminars, too: I was able to get into one of Roman‘s seminars (Color Theory) and I’ll be checking out the 3D printing presentations.

I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to do the speedpainting competition this year: it was a blast, and I was looking forward to it… but there are simply no sessions not in conflict with something else. It’s a bummer.

I’ll be bringing Infinity (obviously), but I’ll also have Wrath of Kings with me (since Mike and I have yet to have the chance to play it since he moved back to the East Coast) and I’ll bring stuff for Shadow War: Armageddon, since I’ve yet to actually touch that game (and it will take very little space).

I did manage to jack up my back over the weekend doing yardwork, so I might be a little pokey, but hopefully I’ll be close to 100% by the time the convention hits.

I’ll be sticking around the hotel Friday & Saturday night, so I should have a good amount of time to hang out and such.