Ravenscar Mercenaries

I’m banging away at painting for Wrath of Kings at NOVA, and finally wrapped up the first batch of models yesterday: Ravenscar Mercenaries.

WoK - Ravenscar Mercenaries Group 2

These guys are actually one of my favorite WoK sculpts, despite the decision to give them capri pants, which doesn’t exactly strike terror into the hearts of one’s enemies.

WoK - Ravenscar Mercenaries Group 1

WoK - Lord Hob

WoK - Ravenscar Mercenary 4

WoK - Ravenscar Mercenary 3

WoK - Ravenscar Mercenary 2

WoK - Ravenscar Mercenary 1

Now that I’m actually posting them, I think they look not so good. I think I need to make peace with that: they’re kinda-sorta speed painted for me.  I’m pleased with their faces, if little else.

The Sergeant is just about done, but needed a few more details, so he’ll get varnished with the Zeti.

This is the finalized painting list.

Ravenscar Mercenary Infantry 6
Ravenscar Sergeant Leader 1
Lord Hob Leader 1
Zeti War Dancer Infantry 6
Zeti Dancing Master Leader 1
Skorza Skirmisher Infantry 5
Skorza Alpha Leader 1
Scourge Hound Specialist 2
Blood Engine Specialist 1


Lord Hob shouldn’t be in there, but he is, and he’s done.

I’m doing 6 each of the Rank 1 Infantry (so I can make a Zeti/Ravenscar leader and do 6/4/4) and 5 of the Rank 2 Infantry (so I can make a Skorza leader and do 5/5/5/).  My list isn’t in that much flux, but by painting 1-2 extra minis in a batch, I buy myself a lot more flexibility.

I’m working on the Zeti now: I might get pretty close to having them done tonight, which gives me most of the weekend to work on werewolves.