Viking-Age Buildings

I’ve been printing off some of the stuff from Iain Lovecraft’s recent Viking Saga Kickstarter. I’ve got to say: this is kind of the perfect way to do the thing: yes, there are buildings and scatter terrain… but there are also kind of a lot of civilian and livestock models. Also a lot of troops and ships. Everything short of a monastery at Lindesfarne you’d need to do Viking-age stuff for ~$40.

I can’t overstate how much I value the little things to make the printed village feel more inhabited.

I’ve been printing houses, mostly, at .2mm layers, and it’s been taking forever. 24h +/- 4h for each building and almost as much for each roof, but I’m not complaining: they look great.

With roofs
Without roofs

Though I will say some of the “interior” spaces are… impractical.


Not fitting models in there easily… or getting them back out.

But I’m happy with how the prints came out! I’m glad I started when I did: it took about two week’s time… but I’m not sure when I’ll get to painting them. I’ve got a lot in the backlog at the moment.