Finished – Plague Furnace

After more than two solid weeks of painting, I’ve finished the dang Plague Furnace.  Lesson Learned: do no assemble and play with complicated Skaven models for a year before deciding to paint them.  I mean, it still would have taken me weeks to paint, but it would have been much, much easier.

The Plague Priest came out great looking.

As did the crew.  One thing I need to point out: the Plague Monk closest to the center of the Furnace has an extremely strangely sculpted face.  It’s just weird.  Parts of it are clearly skull, parts of it are clearly not, and the transition between the two is very unclear.  I found the ‘Eavy Metal jobs not very helpful in figuring out what to do with it.

Ultimately, I gave him a face-melty thing.  One side of his face is skull, and the other side looks like his skin’s sloughed off.  Very happy with how it came out, considering what a pain it was.

Some of the non-ratty details.

And the model from each direction.  I’m extremely happy with it; definitely time well-spent.

While the varnish was drying on that, I set into doing of the more tedious, but necessary tasks for the army.  I finally repaired the Doomwheel banner that just barely made it through the Golden Daemons.

Not perfect, but screw it.  There’s about an inch of paperclip pinning this thing.

I also started rebasing some stuff, from a grassy base to my cavern-style bases.  I’ve got 12 Gutter Runners, the Grey Seer, a Mortar and 25 Stormvermin to do.  I’ll also either have to rebase about 25 Plague Monks or repaint them.  Since this is going to be tedious, best to do it in chunks.  So, I did the Seer and the Gutter Runners.

That puts me here, in really great shape!