Fimir Balefiend – Complete

I wrapped up the Fimir Balefiend over the weekend.  Come Monday, it was all over but for waiting for the water effects to cure.*

I’m extremely pleased with the green skin.  It’s different, somewhat, from the approach I took with the Gremlins, but still worked really well.  I absolutely feel like I’ve Solved how to paint green skin… now I just need the spiritual fortitude to undertake a Orc or Ork army.  Also, the claws/horns worked out very well, too.  Distinct from the flesh, but not out of place.

The much hanging from him could be better.  I might return at some point to repaint it.  It’s too similar to the Fimir’s flesh; a series of different washes didn’t darken it up enough to make it distinct.

I’m quite pleased with the barnacles / fungus / whatever that stuff is.  I think it goes a long way to breaking up the flesh and making it more interesting; the same way the boils do on Skaven.

The little conversion details came out okay.  I think they definitely accomplished their goals, though I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something else I could have done with the gut plate.  I did try adding verdigris: which completely ruined it… so I had to repaint it.  That little plant coming up in front of his right foot made painting the gutplate super-difficult.

The water effects didn’t come out quite as well as I’d have hoped.  Unfortunately, they photographed even worse than they actually look.  Take my word for it when I assure you that it’s not amazing but it’s not terrible.

And, ’cause I was at it: some scenic/HDR photos (HDR Fusion, no Picasa tweaking):

Composition on these might could be better.  I tried to crop out the sides of the base, but maybe didn’t do myself any favors with it.

Anyway, what do y’all think?

* Not entirely; after photographing the bastard, I noticed a few spots on the side of the base that needed repainting… I retouched the photos to cover it up since it’s just the flat color and I don’t feel like taking the photos again.  Not something I normally like doing, but I’m untroubled by it here.