Quarantine Progress

It’s Week 13 for me, a full 88 days in, but Time is a flat circle so even though I took this photo a few weeks back, I’m just getting around to posting it now.

These are the fruits of the first 10 weeks of isolation:

  • 5 Adeptus Titanicus models
    • 1x Reaver
    • 2x Acastus Knights Porphyrion
    • 2x Cerastus Knights
  • 10 Adeptus Titanicus weapons
    • 2x Warlord Macro Gatling cannons
    • 2x Warlord Paired Vulcan Megabolters
    • 2x Warlord Quake Cannons
    • 2x Reaver Carapace Vulcan Megabolters
    • 2x Reaver Warp Missiles
    • Also some of the AT game aids
  • 5 Malifaux models
    • Bayou Engineering
  • 5 Infinity models
    • 5 Rodoks
  • 63 Age of Sigmar models
    • 24x Bull Ogres
    • 24x Gryph-hounds (to proxy as Sabretusks)
    • 6x Leadbelchers
    • 2x Ironblasters
    • 4x Ironguts
    • 1x Mawpot
    • 1x Tyrant
    • 1x Hunter

Having my planned Infinity travel tournaments canceled (Rumble, Ruckus) has evaporated my enthusiasm for painting Infinity. I’d just finished painting up a bunch of Combined Army, but haven’t really gotten the chance to use them.

Learning that GW was closing down their warehouse prompted me to, frankly, panic-buy an Age of Sigmar army to work on fearing I’d have, uh, time enough at last to paint a bunch of stuff but nothing to paint. They lasted me an even 8 weeks.

My family needs to take COVID-19 seriously, so I don’t expect to play any of these games until Autumn at the earliest. In the meantime, I’m probably going to continue painting like a maniac because it gives me something to do and to focus on.