Magnet Cheat Sheet

I’ve got a tub of magnets. They’re random, from God only knows where. I don’t know their sizes, strengths, or what to do if I need more of a particular kind.

So, a couple of years ago, I broke out the calipers, did some planning and (most importantly) took notes. Now, I keep these magnets in a tacklebox, separated and labeled, with appropriately wide drill bits.

All of these are sourced from Amazing Magnets. you can probably get the same sizes from other vendors like K&J Magnetics, but I vastly prefer AM because they list sizes in both metric and, where they list Imperial sizes they use decimals instead of fractions. So: these are the AM item codes.

(Let me take a moment to express the hate I feel for defaulting to fractional Imperial measurements for this shit. Fuck off with this 1/32″ shit.)

If it’s useful, here’s my chart:

R094-0942.38mm2.38mmSmall plastic bases
D032A-N523.18mm0.79mmWarmaster bases
D094A13.97mm2.38mmGW Bases
  D063A13.97mm0.97mmPadding for D094A1
  D032A13.97mm1.59mmPadding for D094A1
D063A2-N454.76mm1.59mmInfinity bases

I also have some magnets that are perfect for the hole in Necromunda bases, but somehow I failed to correctly note them. My notes say “D063A” but that’s not right: those are 3.18mm wide but the magnets I have are 2.9mm wide.

Small, light minis will get R094-094s. Most of my minis get D094A1s, which are just the right depth for GW bases, and I supplement them with D063A1s (which are ~1mm deep) and D032A1s (which are ~1.5mm deep) to help get the needed depth if ~2.4mm isn’t deep enough.