As you might know from reading this blog: my Chaos Daemon army’s full-on Khorne.  That’s gotten less and less effective since the 4E codex, though, so I’ve been progressively mixing it up more and more.  That’s okay: it’s an excuse to convert stuff.

I finished these up what feels like ages ago (though it was probably last month), but just finally got around to sticking them in the lightbox.


Even though this guy is the stupidest conversion (deliberately so) I’ve done in a while, I’m happy with him.  He’s a BLOOD SCRIBE (counts as Blue Scribes).  They’re supposed to be two Horrors on a Disc of Tzeentch, so I did a goofy-looking beastly pterodactyl that feels, just a little bit, Blanche-ian.

Blood Scribe 2

He’s also a total midget.  Apparently, nobody’s actually supposed to sit in that throne; just stand menacingly over it, so the only model I could fit into it was a Plague Monk.

Blood Scribe 5

Blood Scribe 3

Blood Scribe 4

Herald of Desolation

You might remember the Herald of Devastation (counts-as Herald of Tzeentch) I knocked together for last year’s NoVA; I took pretty much the same approach for my Herald of Nurgle counts-as (Desolation), just with a Necromancer model instead of a Chaos Sorcerer.  Nothing fancy: just a headswap and an icon.

Herald of Mayhem

I did something a little different for the Herald of Slaanesh (Mayhem).  No headswap, just armswaps.  Not the most inventive conversion, but it’s hard to go wrong with buzzsaw arms.

Blood Fury

Speaking of lazy conversions: these are my Daemonettes: Blood Furies. Dryads with a bit of greenstuff.

Blood Furies

They painted up super fast, at least.