Painting Progress 20110708

Haven’t had much to post about: haven’t actually finished anything in a bit, but I don’t like leaving things quiet for but so long.  So, I’ve got some WIP photos.

For starters, the test model I started for the Vampire Counts / Empire army I was noodling about the other week.

Pooling on the bit beneath that left eye aside (something easily fixed with a bit of matte medium), I freaking love this.  Pale, unhealthy, striking.  This is good stuff!  For the curious, the face is:

– GW Dheneb Stone basecoat
– Heavy GW Ogryn Flesh wash
– GW Dheneb Stone drybrush
– Wash of 3:2:2:1 of water, GW Ogryn Flesh, Matte Medium, GW Asurmen Blue

For the curious, that 3:3:2 ratio of water / wash / matte medium is my new magic freaking bullet.  Any time I want to wash something that isn’t super-powerful, it’s my go-to.  Mixing washes is also a hugely powerful tool.  I really should throw up some comparison photos to prove it, but Ogryn Flesh plus, or Thraka Green plus produces much richer, more interesting colors.

I’ve made a good bit of progress on the rest of the guy.  It’s enough for me to know that I hate everything else.  The bits swapping hasn’t worked out very well, I think.  Worse yet, the colors– the ones I kinda need to use to make this work– are pretty much exactly the same colors I use on my Skaven.  I need to do something different.

So, I don’t think I’ll be going forward with this.  I’m still kinda shining on the Empire, though, so maybe I’ll push forward with a more traditional province.

Still plugging away at ten Plague Monks.  I’m closing in on finishing them, but I’m not quite there.  Poo.

Also, to try to break up things, I’ve started on the turn counter.  It should paint up pretty quickly when I get a solid couple of hours to sit at the desk.