It Came from the Lightbox: Demonship

I preordered Demonship from Black Site Studios about a month or so ago, and was pretty happy to pop it into the printer once the STLs were available. It looked like a fun little game and a very nice little hobby project, and the ability to get it digital only sealed the deal for me.

Only five models: the Survivor, and a couple of demons. I’d been pretty excited to grab a Doomguy/Doomslayer STL and print it, but the official model nailed the vibe pretty well, so I ended up sticking with him.

Forgot to grab one of these in the lightbox but: I decided to use fluorescent paints on these guys where I could. I didn’t have flou blue, which would have made these a lot more dramatic, but it’s a fun little thing.

I’m fairly satisfied with the terrain, which took a bit longer to paint than I’d hoped. Some things didn’t work (using texture for the grime), some things did (more fluorescent paints, more blood splatter).

Had a lot of fun with the monitors on the 2″x1″ wall. Wish I’d thought to put a pentagram in the screen of the actual Console piece.

The MDF kit actually turns the play area into a box. That’s a great idea, so I had to make a new play area (the STLs come with 3″x3″ tiles you print 4 of, instead of a 6″x6″ tile) and a box everything to go into.