Herald of Devastation

10-2013-08-03 12.41.28

This is the last mini I needed to do for NoVA.

I’d thought all I needed was a Bloodletter with an Instrument of Chaos, but I was wrong: I forgot that I’d included my Changeling conversion in my Pink Horror count.  Reasonable, since he used to be an upgrade.  So, I had to dig up an Ungor and grenade launcher for another Horror.  I’m on a really tight timeline, though, and that shook out to not be practical.

Then I realized I could cut it another way: instead of pulling the Changeling model out of the unit and replace him with a regular Blood Horror, I could just leave that model in the unit and do a new Herald model.

(Remember: since this army is really all about me shouting, “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD BLOOD,” they’re Blood Horrors and not Pink Horrors, and this will be a Herald of Khorne, Devastator, not of Tzeentch.)

A quick dig in the bits box and I had this:

1-2013-07-28 13.27.03

So, not a lot in the way of conversion, but it’s over the top and makes me think of P.A.G.A.N., which means it’s perfect.

07-2013-08-03 12.40.39

08-2013-08-03 12.40.58

09-2013-08-03 12.41.11