Bike Windshield

Working on a Genestealer Cults Enforcers conversion to use them in Ash Wastes (it’s been the plan since I started this project) and it’s going to involve some Scout Biker bikes.

I don’t like the idea of double-bolters on the front of these, in general and in particular because the Atalan Jackal models they’re going to counts-as don’t have guns mounted on the. Weird open bolter slots: no good, either, though.

So, TinkerCAD:

It’s not flawless, for reasons I can’t quite sort out but it’s close enough. I can’t find any of those issues in the actual print, and even if I could, this’ll be painted black.

Took a couple of iterations to get the mounting brackets good, which allowed me to bling it up a little bit.

Really happy with the results.