40K Tournament

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks between wrestling with an intractable problem at work, a vacation (yay!), and something of a house crisis… but things are back on track, now.

In the two weeks post-NoVA, I had to finish a half-painted unit of Blood Horrors for a CGL 40K tournament.

These actually aren’t the ones I painted: these are the ones I’ve had painted (note the big guy who’s The Changeling) but have, apparently, never posted here.  I haven’t taken photos of the squad I just painted; that’s probably how this stuff happens.

They’re just Ungor archers with Cadian grenade launchers stuck on their arms and a bit of greenstuff for gap-filling.

Mike ran the tournament.  Turnout wasn’t bad (9 folks) and army distribution was weird.  Three Daemon players (myself included), two Imperial Guard, two Chaos Space Marines (including Mike’s ringer army), one Ork, one Blood Angel and one Tyranid army. It was a great day, stuck to its schedule, and was a lot of fun.

I had three really good games: my first was against Ashley’s Slaaneshi Daemons (which was pretty close), my second against Casey‘s Tyranids (I got tabled) and my third was against Jeff’s Orks (which looked like it was going to end in my getting tabled, but ended very close to me tabling him).

I’m not going to get into too much detail about the games, though, because I fucked up pretty big time.  I tried a new list (one that had two squads of Blood Horrors) and to make things work, I only could take three Blood Crushers.  I knew that this would be a tough thing to remember (I always take four), so I’d highlighted the 3 on my army list when I printed it off a couple of weeks ago.  Game time, though, without even thinking, I ran four.  I didn’t catch it until we were counting VP after my game with Jeff.  “That is weird that my Flamers cost more than my Blood Crushers… oh, shit.”  So, yeah: I played three games 42 points over.

I immediately told Mike I mark my two wins as losses and apologized to folks.  Everyone seemed okay with it (I could have had 20 Bloodcrushers in my third game and it wouldn’t have changed things, the extra ‘Crusher didn’t keep me from getting tabled in my second… and I don’t think it would have made a difference in my first, but can’t be entirely sure), and all three were good, fun games regardless.  But it really bothers me, and cast a pall over the entire day for me.