Salzenmund Character Creation Notes

Characters will be built per the character creation rules in WFRP, with the following differences/notes:

  • Humans only.
    • Shallaya’s Mercy may be chosen once.
    • Depending on your nationality (see below), you may choose a different nation for your Common Knowledge and a different language for your Speak Language. I just hope you plan to be able to communicate with the rest of the party,
  • Careers. Roll once on the table (none of this mollycoddling “two rolls and choose” nonsense*). I’m too lazy to rewrite the career table, so if you roll one of the following “special” careers:
    • Apprentice Wizard – Make a note of it, then reroll on the Career Table.
    • Etstalian Disestro – You may reroll. If you don’t, you’re stuck being Spanish, Italian or French.
    • Hedge Wizard – Make a note of it, then reroll on the Career Table.
    • Kislevite Kossar – You may reroll. If you don’t, you’re stuck being Polish.
    • Norse Berserker – You may reroll. If you don’t, you’re stuck being a Lapp or Swedish or something.
  • Distinguishing Characteristics – Roll twice on a Distinguishing Characteristic table. There are two
    • WFRP 2E – Distinguishing Marks table. These have no mechanical effects.
    • WFRP 1E – Distinguishing Characteristicstable. These have mechanical effects (some positive, some negative, most no effect).
  • At any point if you see something referring to d10g/s/p, replace it with d4g/s/p.

  • Languages & regions are different, but for the most part, the mapping is fairly transparent (and, where it isn’t, c’est la vie):

    WFRP Languaage
    Reikspeil German
    Breton French
    Halfling Dutch
    Estalian Spanish
    Eltharin English
    Kislevian Polish
    Khazalid Hungarian
    Norse Swedish
    Tilean Italian

  • 2d4 starting gold instead of 2d10, which I currently do not think you will be able to spend before the game begins.
  • Remember: all characters start with a Hand Weapon (that’s a specific weapon, btw: “Hand Weapon,” not a class of weapons).
  • You may, at this point, sell any of the trappings your starting career has provided you.
  • Roll 1d6. 1-4: start with a Pike (as Spear), 5-6: start with a Musket. These may not be sold.
  • I’ve taken a stab at creating some nationality & religion charts. You may choose your nationality (unless you’ve rolled a funky career and have chosen to not reroll it) and religion, or roll on the tables below**; whatever you prefer. (Just remember the prohibition against choices/behavior catastrophically prohibitive to party unity.)

    Nationality/Faction Chart
    Roll Nationality Roll Nationality
    Bourbon / Protestant Habsbug / Catholic
    01-06 Danish 101 Croatian
    07-19 Dutch 102-141 German
    20-39 French 142-144 Hungarian
    40-67 German 144-154 Italian
    68-70 Hungarian 155-156 Netherlander
    71-74 Norwegian 157-200 Spanish
    75-76 Scottish
    77-99 Swedish
    100 Transylvanian

    Religion Chart
    Roll Religion
    01-06 Lutheran
    07-09 Calvinist
    10 Zwinglian
    11-18 Roman Catholic
    19 Greek Catholic
    20 Mohammedan***

  • Note that you will be accompanied by d4 fellow deserters each. These will be fellow squadmates / acquiantences / replacements. These will function as hirelings. (TBD: How they’re to be generated.)

* Really, I forgot that WFRP 2E lets you roll twice and pick when folks did character creation last week. So, we’re stuck with it; only fair, right?
** Not making any claims as to the accuracy or comprehensiveness of these charts. Remember that bit about expect ahistoricity? These are broad strokes done quickly.
*** Is “Mohemmedan” offensive? I sure hope not; if it is, let me know and I’ll correct it to the more modern “Islamic” or “Muslim” or something.