Painting Progress – 20091027

I feel like I should call this post “Painting Progress, At Last!” as with the exception of the Warlock Engineer, I really haven’t done much painting in the past while.  I attribute the bulk of the blame for that to an unforgiving month at work.

I finally varnished the 12 Gutter Runners I started at the top of the month.  I suspect there’s a detail or two on there that could have seen more attention, but at this point, I’m glad to be done with them.

I also spent the weekend powering through some Skyre troops: repainting two Ratling Guns to match the color scheme I’m using for Skyre rats now (dark red and grey for clothes and a stronger iron and brass scheme for machines) as well as painting up another two Jezzails (which puts me at twelve total, for two groups of six, with ten of the current model).

I’ve also gotten started on my Hellpit Abomination.  Since Abomination conversions are kind of a big deal right now, I’m going to give mine its own post.