1 Year Old!

I just realized that, yesterday, this blog turned one year old!

Although Warpstone Pile is a far, far cry from Bell of Lost Souls, I’m both surprised and pleased with how successful it’s been.

Some stats:

  • 127 posts (not counting this one)
  • ~2,700 pageviews in the past month, 993 Unique Visitors
  • 32 Followers, 39 Google Reader subscribers (plus my friends who get spammed with this thing via Google Buzz)

My most active pages are, easily, the ones about my Hellpit Abomination conversion.  Second to that are my other Skaven conversions.  This only makes sense, when you consider that my conversion is the third result when you Google “Hellpit Abomination,” just after Warseer and DakkaDakka.  (Under Google Image Search, it’s the third result there, too, and is 9 of the first 36 results.)  I’ve seen better conversions for it, mind you, but that’s pretty neat!

This thing’s also horned out my other online outlets: I don’t post to LiveJournal (where I keep up with my friends) nearly as much.  The Twitter Feed I set up for the blog (WarpstonePile) has seen more posts in the month or so since I’ve created it than my personal one ever has.

Anyway, thank you for reading this thing!  (The blog, not the post.)