Painting Progress – 20100128

I find it interesting: the inverse relationship between how interesting this blog is vs. how much painting I’m doing, particularly given that the point of this blog was to be a place for me to post pictures of painted minis.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I haven’t been posting many pictures lately: I keep telling myself, “I’ll take some pictures, when I’m done painting X,” and, by the time I think about it again, I’ve finished X and started Y… and it becomes, “I’ll take some pictures when I’m done painting Y.”

Anyway, as predicted, the schedule slipped a bit this past week, though it it didn’t slip nearly as much as I though it would… mostly because I finished converting the Bloodcrushers (which was supposed to be done Wednesday) and ended up making extremely good progress on the Flesh Hounds while in a Battlestar Galactica-induced fugue state on Sunday.  I have no excuse not to wrap up the last four Flesh Hounds tonight, which puts me just about a day behind where I thought I’d be.

With the Flesh Hounds done, I’m in the home stretch.  All I have left are Big Models.  No more batches of infantry: just big honkin’ models.

  • 4 Bloodcrushers
  • Karanak (Avatars of War Netherhound)
  • 2 Bloodthirsters
  • 2 Soul Grinders

That’s 9 models.  1 month.  Either this will go much, much faster than I anticipate, or it’s going to be drawn-out slog.

I’m shaking up my schedule a bit; I’d originally planned to paint things in the order I’ve listed above… but I feel like knocking out the Soul Grinders first, for some reason.  I’m hoping I can blow through them in significantly less than the two weeks I’ve allotted for them.

I’ll take some pictures when I’m done with my Flesh Hounds. :)