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It Came from the Lightbox: Royal Beastflayers

Lots I’m happy about with these guys, despite them coming out quite a bit greener than I’d expected.

Really, I’d have liked to have painted these guys ivory, but since they’re covered in bone… that’d be a mistake. Went with green but the green is intense enough that they look a little Orky to me. The hair, though, and the flayed skin? Very, very happy with those.

It Came from the Lightbox: Exiled Dead

I had a lot more fun painting these guys than I expected! Deintalos didn’t come together quite right, but those zombies really were a blast.

It Came from the Lightbox: The Crimson Court

I painted these way back, but somehow forgot to take photos of them.

It Came from the Lightbox: Abhorrent Ghoul King

Knocked this guy out in about a day as a quick little palette cleanser.

It came from the lightbox: Shadespire Sepulchral Guard

Of the four warbands I’ve painted for Shadespire, I’m easily the most happy with these. These specific models are why I picked up Shadespire; that they turned out the way they did makes me even happier with them.