Arch Lector of Manann

From Day 1, I’ve been planning to play up the nautical aspect of the Nordland army.  (I’ve already got a pretty clear idea of what my display board’s going to look like.)  Although a general lack of easily accessible, usable nautical bits has thwarted me in terms of converting up most characters, I’ve been pretty determined to make sure that it’s clear that my Arch Lectors and Warrior Priests can’t be mistaken as Sigmarites: they serve Manann.

I’m definitely thinking Aeron “Damphair” Greyjoy, here.

Here’s the first one.

He’s the bottom half of a Flagellant body, with the top half sawn off and replaced with a Greatsword torso.  The shield’s from the Empire General kit: I shaved the skull off and replaced it with a plasticard Manann’s crwon.  The clerics should have portfolio-appropriate weapons, so I converted one of the Flagellant’s scythes into a boathook.  The head’s a Flagellant’s, with a paper crown reinforced with superglue.