1/72 Red Devil Test Model

I’ve got ~100 1:72 scaled British paratroopers to paint up for our Arnhem game.  Now that FoW WWI is in the can, it’s time to start spinning up on them.

What I’ll be working with is probably 1/3 Eureka AB and the rest Plastic Soldier Company: the AB stuff is vastly nicer than the PSC stuff, but when one’s $1.50 a model and the other $.30… I’ll have the AB for photographs and leaven them out with PSC for gameplay.

Also, it means I can experiment with paint schemes pretty much guilt-free.

Hadn’t realized until it was pointed out that the British infantry helmet != British paratrooper helmet, but at this scale clipping and scraping the brim off works out just fine.

This is pretty much what I’ve settled on:

2016-06-20 21.44.43

We’ve had some debate about how light or dark the Denison smock should be: I think this hits the right spot between the extremes, and I think will be even better once I get the correct pattern down.  I’m happier with the pants than with earlier experiments, which universally just came out brown.

I’m shooting for something very easy, specifically the traditional (this’ll be my first time with it) base color + highlight then hit everything with AP Soft Tone.  For the LOE, I’m more than satisfied.  Pleased, even.  I’ve done better looking minis, for sure, but this is no effort at all.