Hobby Status 20110502

I’ve been painting more Skavenslaves, which isn’t particularly exciting.  Since we all know what they look like, I don’t think I’m going to bother taking any more pictures of them until the unit’s and movement tray are fully done.

I’m 95% done with Belial III, though:

He’s done save for painting the sword.  For that, I need to block out a little bit of time with the airbrush.  A little bit ago, I followed this tutorial from APJ to do a test power sword.  This was the result:

For a first try, I’m extremely pleased with it.  I’ll actually be doing something a little different with The Sword of Silence (since it’s obsidian and not a light saber), but not by much.

I also assembled what is possibly the most ostentatious turn counter ever:

I’ve got Island of Blood Warlords to spare (hence the pink one) and a history of throwing down with The Black Ark Apathy, so this thing pretty much built itself.

I’d originally planned on making the Druchii’s pointy helmet be the arrow indicating the current turn, but that didn’t work out quite so well.  It’s too far back, and the crossbow’s hanging over the edge.  I’d use the crossbow, but it’s off to the side; confusing.

Instead, I used a rat skull hanging off the back to indicate the current turn.

This’ll be one of the last things I paint in the current push, but I’m looking forward to it.