War of the Ring: Army Status

There was a suggestion that folks should rattle off what they’re working with and where they are with it for War of the Ring. It’s not a bad one, but a forum thread feels like an odd place for that sort of thing… where as a blog (or as mentioned in the thread, a wiki) is the perfect place.

17 Haradrim Warriors (Spears x12, Bows x4, Banner x1)

Suladan the Serpent Lord (Foot & Mounted)
Dalamyr, Lord of Umbar
Mahud King (Foot & Mounted)
Haradrim Chieftain
Corsair Captain
Corsair Bosun
4 Half Trolls (Normal x2, Two Handed Weapons x2)
12 Mahud Warriors (Normal x9, Blowpipes x3)
24 Corsair of Umbar(Shields x8, Spear x8, Bow x8)

Partially Assembled:
5 Mahud Raiders

12 Mahud Warriors (Normal x6, Blowpipe x6)

On Order:
24 Haradrim Warriors (Spears x12, Bows x12)
24 Corsair of Umbar (Shields x8, Spear x8, Bow x8)
Haradrim Raiders x6 (Normal x3, Bow x2, Banner x1)
4 Half Trolls (Normal x2, Two Handed Weapons x2)
Mordor/Isengard Troll

What all of that mess will eventually get me (in terms of War of the Ring) is:
– Suladan
– Dalamyr
– 51 Haradrim Warriors (~6 Companies)
– 24 Spears
– 24 Bows
– 1 Banner
– 1 Chieftan
– 1 Hasharin
– 6 Haradrim Raiders (6 Companies)
– 3 Spears
– 2 Bows
– 1 Banner
– 50 Corsairs of Umbar (~6 Companies)
– 16 Shields
– 16 Spears
– 16 Bows
– 1 Captain
– 1 Bosun
– 25 Mahud Warriors (~3 Companies)
– 15 Normal
– 9 Blowpipes
– 1 Chieftain
– 6 Mahud Raiders (3 Companies)
– 5 Raiders
– 1 Chieftain
– 8 Half Trolls
– Troll (Mordor, Isengard or Cave)

I’ve got some work cut out for me to converting up musicians and standard bearers on the Mahud, as well as a musician for the Haradrim. I don’t plan on buying any more models past this until I get the chance to play the game a bit more.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about how to run a more balanced force while maintaining my Harad theme; it’ll involve a lot of conversion, I think, and flat out model subsitution (for ghostly troops and seige weapon crew). It’ll make getting spun up on the game a lot harder, but I think it’ll ultimately really pay off.