I knocked out a Helstorm Rocket Battery back on Monday.

I hadn’t planned (and, still don’t exactly) on fielding on of the Rare artillery choices, but I ended up with one and I figured that, because I hadn’t planned on fielding one, it’d be a good place to start.  (Less severe consequences  if I screwed up, see.)

It came together pretty quickly.  I’ve yet to knock out the crew: I figure I’ll do all the war machine crews together at once… also, they’ll wait for me to figure out how I’m going to base them and work them into a scene.

Not much painting difference here: I highlighted the yellow different and I used a slightly different metal wash.

Instead of Golden Yellow, I tried a Iyanden Darksun / Menoth White Base mix on the Marienburger (the results of which I, like a doofus, forgot to photograph)… then I snagged a bottle of VMC Sand Yellow and tried that here.  It’s lighter, maybe too light, but I’m lazy enough / obsessed with easily replicable results enough that “bottle color not perfect” > “mixed color.”  We’ll see how it works on an infantryman: I’m doing up a Nordlander halberdier test model now..

The metal wash was sort of what I used on my Skaven (3:2:2 – Water : Asurmen Blue : Badab Black): instead I stuck with the glaze ratio I’ve had a lot of luck with, plus some of the amazing P3 Armor Wash: 6:3:3:4:1 Water : Asurmen Blue : Badab Black : Matte Medium : Armor Wash.  It’s a great tone, but the flow was waaaay too thin for my tastes.  I’d like to thicken it up a bit.

Anyway, here are the pictures: