Current project is a Skaven force for Saga: Age of Magic. I’ve been pretty down on Saga since mid-1E, but I figure most of these quarantine projects are for games I’m never going to play.

I’m calling this my $0 Skaven, because I have an immense reserve of Skaven models in my hobby closet, and all of these are models I’ve pulled from it. I haven’t spent a $1 on this project (that wasn’t spent back before WHFB was unceremoniously murdered).

I’m 2.5/8 points painted and I have to cop to being kind of burnt out on this project already: I bit off more than I could chew with the first batch, which was 12 Clanrats and 2 Rat Ogres. My current batch is 8 Clanrats and 2 Rat Ogres, which has been more digestible… but still probably too much.