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Stuarts – Completed

I finished* the four Stuarts (3 Rubicon M5A1s and 1 Company B M3 Satan)  I’d been working on yesterday.  They are a far, far, far cry from perfect (or even good), but I’m done with them and they’re easily the best vehicles I’ve painted yet.

Definitely came away with a bunch of things I need to work on.  I have miles and miles to go with weathering powders, but I feel like maybe they’re starting to make sense to me. Ditto the airbrush: I need a lot of practice with it, but it really clicked for me during this process.  Rather than focus on what’s wrong with these, I’m going to choose to simply be pleased with them. (Unlike the looted Italian vehicles I painted for my Partisans, which I’m so disgusted with I won’t photograph them.)

Stuart 1 RStuart 1 L Stuart 2 RStuart 2 L Stuart 3 RStuart 3 L Stuart 4 RStuart 4 L

And, even though there’s a ton of stuff to work on, there are definitely a couple of notes here where I think things Worked.

Stuart Detail (3)  Stuart Detail (5)  Stuart Detail (4)  Stuart Detail (2)  Stuart Detail (1)


* As I took the pictures, I realized I’d neglected headlights. Sigh

Stuart WIPs

M5 Stuart WIP (4)

I got a few hours in with the airbrush over the weekend and started working on some of the backlog of vehicles for my WWII USMC.  This M5 Stuart is one of them.

A long, long, long way from perfect, but I feel like I’m starting to get my head around the edge highlighting/constrasting (whatever it’s called) so I’m pleased.  I clearly need to work on where to use it (the LVT(A)1 I worked on is an embarrassment), but the mechanics are starting to lock in.

Anyway, progress is progress, and this feels like progress.

M5 Stuart WIP (1)

M5 Stuart WIP (2)

M5 Stuart WIP (3)