Dawn Power Dissolver

A couple of weeks back, Scott posted a link to an article about stripping minis that mentioned Dawn Power Dissolver.  Ron posted something about using it a while back, too, but the article is what really motivated me to try it out.

I had a lot of trouble finding it locally.  Not sure why that is, because it seems like it’s the sort of thing easily available, but… no luck.  So, I bought the crap online.


I’ve been using Simple Green, which certainly works, but I’ve never been super thrilled with it.

My test run was these three minis: a metal mini, a plastic mini and a metal mini with crud (which is what Simple Green always gives me).

I let it sit for just a couple of hours.  What was shocking was just the act of spraying the minis did some stripping.  That white spot on the pauldron was khaki.

After soaking for a couple of hours, I ran them under the sink and brushed them somewhat vigorously with a toothbrush.  Here’s the result.

Unbelievable.  The metal minis look new.  There’s a bit of crud on the plastic mini, but more soaking might fix that.

I’m totally sold on this stuff for stripping.