I carpet bombed this thing with some lightbox photos yesterday, because I got a handful of dudes painted over the week… but it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.

I knocked out Skabbik’s Plaguepack, then started on the Warcry Questor Soulsworn (because I see some Warcry in the future and because they catch up my painted Stormcast to 2k). I got bored painting the Stormcast, though, because I hate painting cloaks and capes, so I started painting the Nighthaunt Headsmen’s Curse and Drepur’s Wraithcreepers. I got bored painting them, though, because their scenic bases have way too much crap on them, so I started painting the animals that fill out the Ogre warbands. (Hrothgorn has been fully painted except for that Frostsabre, and Blackpowder’s only had the Ogre painted.)

Got them done in a day, went back to the ghosts (which I’ve since finished), and now I’m back to the Stormcast. Working my way back down the stack.

Got the capes finished on Labor Day, so at least those are done. Should be a straight shot to done for these turkeys.