Painting Progress – 20090706

Things have, as usual, been slow with the Harad. I’ve gotten more than a little burnt out on War of the Ring, which helps nothing. Fundamentally, it’s a fun game, but there are too many niggling little yet confusing rules inconsistencies that add up and what seems like some not insignificant balance issues (though I can’t tell if that’s because of my approach to the Fallen Realms or not).

I’ve finished a few more things, and am maybe halfway through some Half-Trolls. My goal is to finish the Half-Trolls by the end of the month, and not worry about painting any more War of the Rings for a while.
I’ve finished off a tray of Corsairs, as well as both a Bosun and a Captain. I’m not likely to ever run these guys, though, so I’ve been using them to fill out trays of Haradrim.
This is my Saruman. I could just as easily used a Saruman figure, but hey: this guy’s got a cool, big hat so why not?
This is my WIP on the half-trolls. Weapons, bone ornaments, and belly/face skin are pretty much all that’s left. I’m quite pleased with how the reed armor came out. I didn’t expect it to look that good.

Outside of War of the Ring, I’ve been much busier. I’ve started to pick up some momentum on assembling my Daemon army. So far, I’ve finished putting together:
  • 16 Bloodletters
  • 16 Fleshhounds
  • 2 Soul Grinders
  • 1 Bloodthirster
  • 1 Karanak
Which means I need to finish:
  • 24 Bloodletters
  • 5 Bloodcrushers
  • 1 Bloodthirster
I’m also starting to think that I need a third unit of Fleshhounds, so we’ll see.
I picked up a Bastion over the weekend: I’ve got more on order, but I figured an impulse-bought third wouldn’t hurt anything. It goes together very, very easily: the only snake in the woodpile is that the middle section (the section that is neither the top nor the base) has two wall sections with windows and two without windows. I didn’t realize this until after the glue had finished drying, so I had to get creative with placing things where the windows should have been to make the building look balanced. The communications array and Icarus-pattern lascannon that come with it are amazing… especially the communciations array. I think I might bits-order a few more and use them as objective markers in regular 40K from now on.
Finally, I made some progress on a Chapel that I’d bought quite some time ago, painted sandstone, changed my mind on and repainted dark grey. All it’s needed is some drybrushing (which it got) and some minor details (torches, doors, rafters and window frames… which should happen tonight).