Painting Progress – 20101108

Did a lot of random work over the weekend, mostly due to being stuck at my desk while remodeling trucked along.

For starters, I assembled SKULLTAKER and the chassis of his SKULLTAKER CHARIOT.

I need an auction to come through for some bitz before I can go much farther than this, so we’ll have to see how long that ends up taking.  Might be a bit before I finish him.  The chariot’s got something of a wider profile than the pair I built last month: the spikes are the wider, larger sort, and they’re angled out instead of parallel.  Skulltaker’s not a little dude and steps needed to be taken to fit him into his ride.

Briefly considered having the Mouth of the Abyss pull the chariot… but even though its about the same size as the Juggernauts it just looks so smaller, so that’s not going to fly.

Also, got some good deals on some stuff.  I’ll post about most of it as it comes together, but I did snap up a box of Daemonettes to paint up for the Battle for the Cure next year.  Part of the appearance scoring calls for a squad painted pink: after some thought about painted up an octet of pink Bloodletters, I decided it’d be better to just run a squad of pink Daemonettes.

So, I played around with some approaches.  Found one I liked.

In some ways, it’s not perfect.  Red on pink?  Ick.  It was key to me that they tie in with the rest of my Daemons; this is pretty much a one-off unit.

Anyway, as a result, most of the colors are done the same way as with my Bloodletters, etc.  I’m extremely happy with the pink flesh.  Probably more appropriate for Pink Horrors, but whatever.

Pink Flesh
– 3:1 Baby Pink (Apple Barrel) : Dheneb Stone basecoat.
– Ogryn Flesh wash
– 3:1 Baby Pink : Dheneb Stone heavy drybrush
– 3:2:2:1 Water : Baal Red : Matte Medium : Leviathan Purple wash
– Dheneb Stone extreme highlight

The Baby Pink / Dheneb Stone mix isn’t exact.  Each time, it started out with a 2:1 mix that I added more pink to until it looked right.  I ended up keeping some of the dried, unused paint to help get the ratio about right down the line.

The wash is spectacular.  Man, I’ve really started to love putting matte medium into washes that I’m watering down.  It works miracles to keep things from splotching up.

Also, for the heck of it, I put a little pink ribbon on it.  It was an easy little pain in the ass to do.

It’s checkbook receipt onion paper sliced extremely thin.  Brushed with superglue and then wrestled into shape.  That part was the hardest: such a small thing to do.  Then hit with some Tentacle Pink, highlighted with Baby Pink and washed the pink wash above.

I’m very happy with how they came out.  I’ll have to paint up another seven at some point: I won’t need them until March, but it’d be nice do knock them out while I can remember how I did the first one. :)

Finally, I did a good bit of work on three more Bloodletters.  I need a non-Icon-bearing Bloodletter for two of the squads and an Icon-bearer for the third.  Hopefully, I’ll wrap them up pretty quickly: I think I’m a little bored with painting them.