It Came from the Lightbox: Gallowdark

I finished painting the Into the Dark / Boarding Action / Gallowdark terrain this weekend! It’s been such a huge lift over the past couple of months, it grew exhausting.

Here are some lightbox shots of a couple of pieces. Not everything, obviously: it’s Into the Dark + Shadowvault + the Soulshackle upgrade sprues (so basically two Gallowdarks and two upgrade sets). Most everything here is in sets of four.

If I counted right: 165 pieces. Yeesh.

I did a little work with fluorescents; I think the result is fun enough I’m annoyed I didn’t do more of it. Odds it’ll ever be useful is nil, but I think it’s fun.

And! I was able to fit everything in a single container for storage. Everything’s in a single 17L Really Useful Box. This is possibly the most satisfying part of the project: the perfect storage solution.