Chariot of Khorne WIP

Today’s been the blissful, low-key day that I’ve needed for a bit.  So, it was only natural that I spent the bulk of it painting.

I’d been taking step-by-step pictures until I hit a point where I just… stopped.  So, there’s not much point in sharing those.  However, since we’re about to call it a night here, I figure I might as well document where I’m at.

I’d say I’m more than halfway done.  I need to highlight/wash the base and do the little hair tuft on the juggernaut’s chin and I can call the chariot part of this thing finished*.  Then, the Heralds themselves will be pretty quick work.

Not bad for a day’s work!

* Aside from whatever bloodsplatters I decide I need to do.  I can’t really start on those until what’s underneath is painted.